Copyright and Design Law

We advise our clients on all aspects of copyright and design law. We represent them before civil, penal, and administrative courts, in particular in copyright or design infringement proceedings.

Our services include:

  • Legal protection of creative works (copyright and design law)
  • Advice regarding the enforcement of claims with respect to creative works
  • Drafting of license agreements
  • Advice in connection with plagiarism
  • Advice in connection with filing design applications in Switzerland and abroad
  • Managment of design rights (including payment of fees in connection with the extension of protection in Switzerland and abroad)
  • Evaluation of conflicts
  • Requesting interim measures
  • Criminal complaints, e.g. in customs proceedings
  • Advice on the protection of know-how und business secrets
  • Drafting of non disclosure agreements and pitch conditions
  • Advice in respect to advertising campaigns



Rena Zulauf, Manuel Bertschi