Data Protection

We support our clients in complying with data protection rules, represent them before cantonal and federal data protection agencies and advice on data protection issues in cross-border transactions.

Our services include:

  • Drafting of data protection frameworks and strategies for firms and public authorities
  • External data protection officer
  • Registration of data collections with and notification of data protection agencies
  • Advice on intra-group or cross-border data transfers including drafting of necessary agreements
  • Data protections issues in relation to ICT services, including data pooling, outsourcing to data servicers abroad, data storage, cloud computing and big data
  • Drafting of agreement with third-party data servicers, e.g. in the context of outsourcing projects
  • Support in complying with information obligations and requests
  • Drafting of consent agreements for data processing
  • Drafting of internal guidelines and regulations for processing of personal data, for the use of emails and internet by employees and for the storage and archiving of data; training of staff in data protection issues
  • Legal review in order to ensure full compliance with data protection rules when client data are processed, e.g. in the context of direct marketing
  • Processing of staff and HR data
  • Drafting of data protection guidelines for internet sites and  ecommerce
  • Processing of personal data by insurance undertakings, banks, and telecommunication firms
  • Advice on all issues regarding application of cantonal or federal freedom of information acts


Ronald Kessler, Rena Zulauf, Manuel Bertschi